Iyengar Yoga teachers are amongst the best qualified yoga teachers you can find!  It takes four to five years of intense teacher training and a rigorous assessment process to international standards before teachers gain entry level certification. At Darwin Yoga Space we have seven Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers and four new trainees.

Carole Baillargeon 

Carole started doing Iyengar yoga in Montreal, Canada in 1986 after completing her BA in history and literature. She started her formal yoga teacher training in Sydney in 1990 and taught there for 5 years before moving to Darwin and creating Darwin Yoga Space. Carole holds a Senior Intermediate Level 2 Iyengar Teaching Certificate. She has taught interstate, in Singapore, Canada, the United States and has taught yoga retreats in Bali since 1996. Carole feels very privileged to be able to immerse herself in the practice, study and teaching of yoga.

Anja Behlmer 

Anja moved to Darwin from her native Germany in 1997 where she trained as a physiotherapist. She started Yoga in 2000 and became very committed to it in 2004. Anja believes that Yoga can be the answer for a lot of physical symptoms. It was the answer for her when she suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and used yoga to regain strength and endurance. Anja started the teacher training course with Carole in early 2006 and holds an Introductory Level 2 Certificate.


Kelly Beneforti

Kelly discovered Iyengar Yoga at Darwin Yoga Space in 2015 and began the Teacher Training program in 2017. As a professional dancer, Kelly was first drawn to the practice of Iyengar Yoga for its profound and intimate understanding of the physical body but has since developed a deep sense of commitment to the method for its capacity to cultivate humility, gratitude, courage, clarity and steadiness. Yoga has helped Kelly through a challenging mental health road, as well as with ongoing injuries and digestive health issues.

Kate Roseth

Kate has been practising Iyengar Yoga at DYS since 2004 and started the Teacher Training program in 2012. My initial practice of yoga was just doing the asana or yoga poses as I thrived on the physical challenge, but since starting the Teacher Training program I am learning that yoga is a more rounded practice of asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) and a philosophy or way of life and it makes my practice of it much more sustainable. Yoga has become essential for me in the management of chronic pain I suffer from a back injury. It not only helps with the physical pain, but also teaches me how to live with the injury emotionally. Kate holds a Junior Intermediate 1 Certificate.

Marie Morrison

Marie commenced yoga classes at DYS in 2003. She was returning to a career as a psychologist and was excited to explore the mindfulness of being in a pose and the pranayama breathing techniques. Marie has found yoga asanas especially useful in dealing with back and knee injuries but as her practice has deepened she has found the greatest benefits in the grounding and switching off from her busy job as the CEO of a not-for-profit organisation.

Marie describes herself as a traditionalist and loves the authenticity, consistency and rigour of Iyengar yoga. She has attended many workshops and DYS retreats and often drops into Iyengar classes when travelling. She has practiced on her own regularly since 2006 and commenced Darwin Yoga Space’s Teacher Training in 2015.

Christine Plate

My relationship with yoga has been a long on again off again affair since 1996. Throughout this time I have carried a deep respect for the Art of Yoga and its ability to inspire and nurture me holistically.

When the opportunity came along to get involved in Carole’s Teacher Training group in January 2015 it was the right time for me to get more involved with yoga. I am enjoying that extra level of commitment and learning.  Teaching is a wonderful way to share what I know and I enjoy planting the seed of yoga in other people.

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A good book is better than a bad teacher. A good teacher helps you to explore to the maximum.
— B.K.S. Iyengar