2019 Timetable

Please bring a towel to class. We provide yoga mats but bring yours if you prefer.



It will:

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  • Help you to commit to doing you yoga… you will feel better for it!

  • Mean you can pre pay and just walk straight on into the class

  • You won’t be charged for the class if you don’t make it.

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Darwin Yoga Space offers classes for everybody, from the beginner to the very experienced as well as specialty classes.



A structured foundation course in Iyengar yoga with each class building on the previous one. Learn how to do yoga and keep it up at home on your own.


Drop into any Level 1 class and you will learn the same basic poses as in the Beginner Course, but the pace of the class is a little faster. 


This class is suitable for Level 1 and Level 2 students. For Level 1 students it is a jump up and begins to prepares you for Level 2 classes. For Level 2 students this class is an opportunity to consolidate your understanding of Level 1 & 2 poses.


For students ready for a new challenge, Level 2 will continue to consolidate the basics and hold the poses for a bit longer. This level introduces new types of poses including standing twists, backbends, inversions and basic pranayama (breathing techniques).  


For students who would prefer a gentle transition to Level 3 Classes. Keep building on Level 2 poses and gradually learn more advanced poses and variations on backbends & inversions.


For students with 3-5 years of yoga experience. Level 3 teaches advanced poses, including long sitting poses, deep back bending poses and variations on the headstand and shoulder stand. You must be able to hold head stand for at least 5 minutes.


This class is suitable for students of all level. It is especially for students who suffer from injuries or conditions that make it difficult for them to attend regular classes because they need to work more slowly and with more support.

To attend the class you must first purchase a 4 Class Minor Ailments Pass for $200 and attend the class for four consecutive weeks. In this time you will get more individual attention and a personal program.

After the initial 4 weeks, you can attend the class using your 10 class pass or Direct Debit credits or pay Drop in as you go.


Yoga before work or during the lunch hour can help staff deal with stiffness and pain associated with computer use and mental stress. Contact us to discuss an individualized package.


KIDS (7 - 14 years)

Children have a natural ability to transform their bodies into frogs, tress and butterflies so they LOVE doing yoga. Apart from being good fun, yoga helps them develop good posture, flexibility, strength and better concentration. It also helps them to learn about perseverance and self-discipline. The class environment is non-competitive and kids are taught positive thinking, respect, kindness and generosity. 

We accept NT Sports Vouchers

  • pay for your 10 class term with your voucher at the start of the term

  • The voucher or classes cannot be carried over to the next term

  • If classes are initially paid for in cash, we cannot reimburse the cash and use a voucher instead.


Suitable for students who want to address a particular issue, for rehabilitation or for those who want a tailor made program to do at home. Contact us to arrange a suitable time.


Rest and Restore Restorative poses and pranayama (breathing techniques) will be taught in this class. Restorative poses release stored up tension in the body and calm the nervous system. These supported poses have a cooling effect on the body and are very effective in replenishing our energy reserves. Pranayama helps to maintain the vital energy of the body. Rest and Restore is a class for all level students.

Use your 10 class pass, Direct Debit credits or pay as you go and pay Drop in. Unlimited New Student passes cannot be used to attend this class.


Our prenatal yoga class is adapted for different stages of pregnancy, helping to strengthen the legs, open the hips and pelvis, and deal with discomfort associated with pregnancy. Women who have done yoga classes with us during their pregnancy say it really helped them during labour.

You’ll be in safe hands. Anja Behlmer is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and has 11 years teaching experience. Anja practiced yoga through both of her pregnancies and with her first hand experience will guide you safely and with confidence in your yoga while you are pregnant.

Attention all you pregnant ladies... Pre- Natal class are awesome, it makes you feel revitalised and energised, which during pregnancy is a miracle (I think).

I’ve been a student for over two years at Darwin yoga space and this is my first baby, I’ve found that the pregnancy yoga has worked amazingly for me, it keeps you flexible and relaxed through what can be a challenging time with all those hormones flying around, this class helped keep me balanced, calm and confident with my breathing techniques, strength and posture. I’m now 39 weeks and once bub has reached 6 weeks I’ll be coming back to the mum & bubs class too.

My baby loves yoga, because of the way I feel whilst doing it, it releasing all those lovely endorphins.

You must give this class a go and even if you aren’t pregnant Iyengar yoga is a brilliant way to de-stress and unwind from our busy day to day lives.
— Victoria Mortimer